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Teaming with Consultants and Engineering Firms

Often times a consultant or engineering firm might find that a customer is proposing a project that is outside of their immediate expertise, capabilities, or current ability to staff the project. Conversely HED sometimes finds that it's lacks expertise in certain areas that could be outsourced to a third party consultant or engineering firm.

In each of these cases it is obvious that a teaming arrangement would benefit all parties involved, the third party consultant or engineering firm, HED, and the final customer.

HED is interested in forming teaming arrangements with consultants and engineering firms so that together we can bid and win projects that neither of us could do standing alone.

Each teaming arrangement is different. How the work and compensation is divided would be evaluated on a project-by-project basis.

  • For those cases where a project was referred to HED in total, the referring organization would be supplied a referral bonus equal to 5% of the total contract value. Not bad for a few phone calls!
  • To aid in your companies' understanding of HED capabilities we can provide brochures detailing our operations and outlining our capabilities.
  • If we do form a teaming relationship, HED will list your company on our Affiliates web site, thus increasing your marketing exposure and hopefully increasing your business.
In instances where our capabilities overlap, it would be a mistake to think that we are in direct competition with one another. The world of outsourced engineering is large and it benefits from networking between various firms to supply the best solution to any particular customer. At HED we maintain the philosophy that everyone wins each time a customer is well served.

Please contact us and let's discuss the possibilities.

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