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Teaming with Employment Agencies

A typical engineering employment agency attempts to match skilled engineers with companies that need to hire prospects.

The problem with this business model is that many companies do not want to hire an engineer full time, or they need a specific PROJECT done regardless of the engineering headcount. This is especially true during slow economic times where the company needs to continue with R&D efforts but can't afford to hire additional engineering staff.

For the case of part time engineers, the employment agency can make it known that the requisition is for a temporary assignment, but that often limits the number of prospects willing to fill the requisition. Additionally, engineers are the type of people looking for full time, stable employment and often reject temporary assignments outright.

A better solution is to provide the customer what they really need. The employment agency can recommend that instead of attempting to hire additional staff, they can OUTSOURCE THE ENTIRE PROJECT to a design firm that specializes in the engineering disciplines that they require.

HED is a premier engineering design firm specializing in project-based engineering development. HED wants to be one of those outsourcers recommended by the employment agency.

For each contact that HED accepts, the employment agency is compensated with a referral bonus, plus a percentage of the total contract value. The amount of the referral bonus and the percentage value can be set by the employment agency according to their own standard rates.

The benefits for the employment agency include...

  • Compensation for outsourcing referrals that is on par with the alternative of providing target employers with engineers.
  • Repeat business. Since the agency has helped a customer in the past with outsourcing needs, that customer is likely to come to the same agency when they require traditional staffing.
  • An outsourcing company like HED can handle multiple jobs at one time, thus generating multiple revenue streams to the employment agency. This is vastly different than a typical prospect with a resume, who once employed by a company can not generate additional revenue to the employment agency.
  • For each teaming arrangement, HED will provide a link to the employment agency on our Affiliates web page. The HED web site generates a surprising amount of traffic and can send a portion of the traffic to the employment agency.

HED realizes that it's a paradigm shift for employment agencies to recommend outsourcing services, and HED can aid in this transition in many ways...

  • HED can make an on-site presentation to the employment agency describing the outsourcing process and describing the profile of customers who might benefit from an outsourcing arrangement.
  • HED can provide brochures to employment agencies that list our capabilities. For each customer that may benefit from outsourcing, the agency representative can compare HED capabilities with employer requirements to see if a good match exists. This is similar to comparing a prospects' resume with employer requirements.
  • HED can provide on-site training to agency staff that focuses on recognizing outsourcing candidates.
The idea of employment agencies referring outsourcing services is a new and exciting concept. To discuss options and get started, please contact us.

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