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Smart Sign
Smart Sign

The Smart Sign is a safety product that plays audible safety messages any time nearby motion is detected. It can be placed wherever a safety hazard might exist, such as on a “wet floor” sign, door knob to a quarantined room, or other location. It includes an auto-shutoff feature which turns off power after a user-preset time of 30, 45, or 60 minutes has elapsed. This allows time for the floor to dry or hazard to be removed. The auto-shutoff can be disabled for use in areas that don’t need to be timed such as on-going construction sites. The absence of the flashing white light and audio message indicates to passers-by that it is safe to enter the area.


The Smart Sign can store up to four different messages where each message can be a maximum of eight seconds in length. Each time motion is detected the recorded messages are played back, one at a time, in a rotating fashion. Multiple messages can be beneficial in multi-lingual environments. For example, message #1 could be the English Caution, Wet Floor followed by message #2 in Spanish Cuidado, Piso Mojado

A bright white light flashes every 5 seconds providing a visual indication of the nearby hazard. If only one message is recorded, that single message will be played back each time motion is detected. So as not to unduly annoy passers-by, five seconds of silence is enforced between the message(s) being played back.

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