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Controller for Wine Industry
Controller for Wine Industry

The Gen II Super Control is a user programmable industrial controller targeted to the wine industry. It is used to control the temperature of wine in fermentation tank as well as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in the areas where the wine is aged in barrels.


The controller can accommodate a variety of temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors and provides on-off control to switch fans, pumps, humidifiers, heaters and valves. Up to five input sensors and five outputs are provided.

The control is housed in a water-proof enclosure and features a color graphics display and a non-contact capacitive sense keypad. The design uses the PIC24FJ256 processor for display control and user interface, a Cypress CY8C21434 to impement the capacitive sense keypad, and a PIC24FJ128 processor for the control algorithms.

HED designed this product for Refrigeration Technology Inc and has manufactured it in large quantities. The controller is in use at a number of wineries in Napa and around the world.

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