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Generator Selftest Verifier - GSV300
Generator Selftest Verifier

The GSV300 represents a substantial technology improvement over the previous model, the GSV200. The new model features a large LCD display, easier setup, and greatly enhanced features. The GSV300 monitors a standby generator and determines whether it fails to perform it's periodic self-test. It works on any generator with voltage output between 120-480VAC and also works with “Low-RPM” or “Quiet” type generators.


This system contains an embedded microcontroller, real-time-clock, LCD display, and analog signal conditioning. It samples the analog voltage output from the generator and utility to determine whether the generator failed to perform it’s periodic self-test. The system also serves as a voltmeter, frequency meter, oil change reminder, and run-time hours meter. It has four relay outputs which can be connected to an external monitoring system to remotely inform the owner of generator health and status.

This product is currently manufactured by HED in high volume for Transtar Products, Inc.

For more information or to purchase this product contact www.GeneratorVerifier.com.

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