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Processor and DSP Design Capabilities

Processor and DSP Design

Electronic Processor DSP Design

Most electronic products require some sort of embedded microprocessor. For smaller projects HED employs the Motorola 68HC05/11, the Microchip PIC family, the Intel 8051 derivatives, and other families of microcontrollers to meet your embedded processor needs. For many of these projects HED writes tight, hardware oriented Assembly Language Software for the chosen processor.

For larger, more powerful real-time Embedded Systems, HED can design a custom solution utilizing DSP Processors, the Motorola PowerPC, or Intel Processors along with Flash and SDRAM memory technologies running on embedded operating systems such as VxWorks. We also provide Embedded Internet controller solutions featuring TCP/IP and UDP.

Our extensive experience with TI and Motorola Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) can provide the solution to your toughest signal processing problems. We have experience with fixed and floating-point processors using 16, 24, and 32 bit sampling for applications such as audio/video processing and vo-coding, spread-spectrum RF, medical instrumentation, motor control, encryption, and compression. We can custom-design digital filters and other DSP algorithms to suit your needs.

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